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Noodle or Rice

Yaki Udon or Soba

Japanese wheat udon noodle or buckwheat soba noodle, pan fried with carrots, onion & napa cabbage in a savory sauce
Chicken Yaki Udon or Soba 12.00
Steak Yaki Udon or Soba 14.00
Shrimp Yaki Udon or Soba 13.00
Vegetable Yaki Udon or Soba 10.00
Seafood Yaki Udon or Soba
Shrimp, Squid, Scallop

Pad Thai

Dried rice noodles stir fried with eggs, green onion and bean sprout, served with lime and chopped roast peanuts
Pad Thai Chicken 10.00
Pad Thai Steak 12.00
Pad Thai Shrimp 11.00
Pad Thai Vegetable 8.00
Pad Thai Seafood
Shrimp, Squid, Scallop

Rice Dishes

Sachi Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice 10.00
Steak Fried Rice 12.00
Shrimp Fried Rice 11.00
Vegetable Fried Rice 8.00
House Fried Rice
Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Vegetables

Noodle Soups

Udon or soba noodles in a seafood broth with carrots, shiitake mushrooms, napa cabbage, onions & fish cake
Chicken Udon or Soba Noodle Soup 12.00
Steak Udon or Soba Noodle Soup 14.00
Shrimp Udon or Soba Noodle Soup 12.00
Vegetable Udon or Soba Noodle Soup 13.00
Seafood Udon or Soba Noodle Soup
Scallops, shrimp, White Fish & Crab

*Consuming raw or uncooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.
*Befroe placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.
*For your convenience, parties of six or more will have a 20% gratuity added to your total bill.

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